Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Predict Casting: Maximum Ride

Hey it's Owyn! Back again with Predict Casting for upcoming movies.
*DISCLAIMER: these are just my opinions, feel free to leave your opinion in the form of a comment*

For my second book/movie, I'm doing Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson, which is due to be released in 2013.

SUMMARY: Max and the Flock have run away from the School, the lab complex where they spent the first part of their lives locked in cages and experimented on. After four years, their hiding place has been discovered and Angel, the youngest, is captured. The others must get her back and find answers to their own questions along the way.

I loved reading the book and actually LOLed at multiple points and can't wait to see the movie. Since there has been no official cast list yet, I decided to make my own dream cast. Enjoy.

Abigail Breslin as Max
Max Ride: Abigail Breslin. Besides the fact that they share the same looks as described in the book, there is also the fact that I think Abigail can play the sarcastic tomboy.
Liam James (younger photo)
Fang: Liam James. Although he does not have the dark eyes (those can be fixed with CG anyway), I enjoyed his performance in 2012 and think he could be a great Fang.
Nudge: Madison Pettis. Madison looks exactly how Patterson describes Nudge. And since Nudge is the cute, fashionable character I think Madison could do a great job portraying her.
Angel: Elle Fanning. Since she looks exactly how I pictured Angel and I loved her in Super 8, Elle would be a great little mind-reading mutant.
Alex Pettyfer as Iggy
Iggy: Alex Pettyfer. Besides the fact that the likeness is uncanny, Alex is a veteran supernatural-teen-action-movie star and he could do a great job being the blind Iggy.

Gasman "Gazzy": Ty Panitz. First of all, I loved this little kid as Booth's son in Bones. And seeing him playing the adorable but flatulent Gazzy would make my heart melt.
Jeb Batchelder: Anthony Michael Hall. There isn't much on the description of Jeb, but I think the way he's described personality-wise would be perfect for Anthony. And I would love to see him in a new movie.

That's my picks for main cast of the book/movie! Feel free to leave suggestions for your ideas/opinions in the comments!
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