Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Book to Movie Adaptations #2

Hello again, it's Owyn here. I'm back to suggest more of my book picks to become movies! Here's this week's list with the theme of: "Books from my childhood" (or books that I read when I was younger since some of you might consider 15 as a part of childhood).

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall 

WHY: As a book, it was a very visual, compelling read. I think it'd be a great movie because the world needs more family-friendly movies that don't involve talking animals or crazy situations. It's such a sweet story for all ages to relate to. I think the scene where Skye tells off Mrs. Tifton would be a fantastic movie moment, along with Batty nearly getting hit by a bull. 

Amelia's Notebook by Marissa Ross
WHY: Books/movies that act as a guidebook are always a soft spot for me, which is exactly what this book is. It's a lovable story involving a girl moving to a new place and how she makes new friends and keeps old ones. A story not often told in this day and age, as either a book or a movie. Plus, I could perfectly visualize the parts where Amelia and her sister Cleo fight, since Amelia often describes Cleo's nostrils flaring in anger. 

Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

WHY: You don't see many pre-teen oriented mysteries that don't involve some cliche missing animal and ALSO does not involve paranormal creatures or the "odd" death of a loved one. But this book perfectly avoided those things while reaching a broad audience. As a pre-teen girl, I loved it. As a mother, my mom loved it. As a preteen boy, my friend James loved it. And, like in the previous pick, there need to be more adaptations like that. I also think the checkerboard scene would be awesome to watch in a movie. 
Dear Dumb Diary by Jim Benton
WHY: It's a clever, middle school angsty, laugh-out-loud hilarious book that captures the journey of dealing with friends, enemies and crushes. It would be a great movie for all ages to see! If you're younger: "I can't wait to be like that." If you're a preteen: "I am so like that now!" And if you're older: "Remember when we were like that? Good times, good times..." The thing I'd be most interested in seeing if it ever does hit the theaters, is when Jamie and Isabelle stalk the male love interest since I nearly shrieked when I read that he turned around so I imagine doing the same in the theater. 
Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing by Judy Blume
WHY: The book had a very interesting protagonist, and I think that plays a big key in book-to-movie adaptation because it helps you root for them. If they're bland, why bother? Like most of the books on the lists, it's very family-friendly and can reach all ages. I was imagining watching in the theaters where Fudge jumps off the play set and when Sheila takes credit for all the work. I enjoyed reading it and would love to see it on the big screen.

Those are this week's suggestions of books to be made into movies. Feel free to leave suggestions on what books YOU think should be made into movies. Until next time!

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