Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Book to Movie Adaptions

Owyn is back! Hi! Every two weeks I'm going to do a blog post about what books I think should be made into movies and why. They will be posted every other Wednesday, but tomorrow's my day off so I'm doing it today!
Here's my first list, with the vague theme of teen reads. These are just books that I've read recently and would love to see on the big screen. 

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
WHY: This could be a great movie because it's realistic and relatable, which I think is hard to find these days in both books and movies. Readers and watchers can believe these characters exist. And it's a series with a love triangle romance, like Hunger Games but with less dystopia/killing and more romance! 

When it Happens by Simone Colasanti
WHY: This book does a great job of capturing the romantic/comedic/dramatic/awkward parts of high school life along with the always-lovable romance plot between the good smart girl and the good slacker boy. I think it could be a great angsty-high school romantic comedy film set in the midst of college applications.

Virals by Kathy Reichs
WHY: These days I don't see a lot of good teen mysteries anymore (that don't involve some sort of paranormal romance-- GACK!), but this is a favorite of mine. And since Reichs has a TV deal for Bones, she is already in the business. This series has more movie than TV show vibe to me. Four kids getting powers from a manufactured disease? It's a better plot than Twilight! [Which isn't that hard to accomplish. ;)] 
Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles 
WHY: It's an awesome modern romance. A bad-boy gangster and a good little rich girl from opposite sides of the tracks go from being enemies, to friends, to falling in love. It could be a great modern West Side Story but with a better emphasis on the gangs, which would give it a wider audience making it perfect for a movie date night! 

Shug by Jenny Han
WHY: Does "Han" look familiar? Yes that's the same author as above but a completely different book. Han captures that awkward time during middle school adolescence: the first crush, losing and gaining friends, and identifying yourself. As a movie, it could be a great film for families to enjoy and relate to together as they reminisce about that time in life.

Get to it, Hollywood! 
Feel free to leave suggestions for book-to-movie adaptations or ones you'd like to see in future posts in the comments. I'd love to hear your ideas! 
See you guys next time,

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