Monday, March 30, 2009

Staff Recommendation: Milarepa (DVD)

Milarepa by Neten Chokling (DVD)

Milarepa is a story of a young man in Tibet. After studying sorcery to avenge his family, Milarepa must discover what is truly important in life, and soothe his troubled conscience. This film's powerful message, augmented by its stunning use of sound and silence, produces a remarkable masterpiece.

Reviewed by: Mari

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Staff Recommendation: The Monkey Wrench Gang

The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey

Veteran George Hayduke returns home to find his beloved desert awash in development. He assembles the motley crew of a feminist activist from the Bronx, a "jack-Mormon" and outdoorsman, and a libertarian doctor and arsonist. These unlikely comrades conduct an impassioned yet comic fight against the developers, leaving ruined bulldozers and billboards in their wake.

Reviewed by: Jen R.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Post a Video About Why You Shop Local and Be Featured on!

Announcing the IndieBound Voices of Indie Consumers Contest!

It's really easy: make a video, no more than 3 minutes long, about why you shop at indie retailers, what resonates for you about the Shop Local movement, why you feel passionately about your community, and maybe even mention a local store or two (such as Boulder Book Store!).

Post it to YouTube or Vimeo or any video-sharing site, and send Indiebound an email once it's posted. One videographer will be chosen to win a bunch of IndieBound swag!

Chosen entries will be posted on's front page. Send your email--containing your full name, address, email and phone number--to Indiebound by the end of April.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Staff Highlight: Corinne

Name: Corinne D'Ippolito
Position: Bookseller and Coordinator

How long have you worked at the bookstore: Since August 2008

My story: I was born and raised in Boulder, trundled off to SC to study marine science for my undergrad degree, and will be venturing to Scotland in the fall of 2009 to pursue a masters in ecological economics.

Currently Reading: Integral Ecology, Agent to the Stars, and LSAT prep materials

Favorite 3-5 books: Shadow Divers, Flags of our Fathers, The Historian, A Prayer for Owen Meany, and The Cider House Rules.

What is your favorite book genre? Really good historical fiction, or really good nonfiction that almost reads like historical fiction.

Book Review: Switching Time: A Doctor's Harrowing Story of Treating a Woman with 17 Personalities, by Richard Baer

This book tells the amazing story of a woman who went into therapy for depression, who subsequently discovered she had developed 17 personalities throughout her life to deal with horrific abuse, and who ultimately left therapy with a single, unified personality. This books is for anyone who is interested in psychology and the amazing power of the human mind.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We heart Ingrid Law.

Ingrid Law's debut novel, Savvy, may be aimed at middle schoolers, but her writing has thoroughly captured the hearts of many a bookseller here at Boulder Book Store. Savvy is a magical tale about Mibs Beaumont's 13th birthday and about the importance of family and friends. Ingrid is from Boulder and we were honored to have her teach a writing workshop here last summer and join us for a book signing last fall.

Savvy has been garnering lots of attention nationwide. Last month, it won a Newbery Honor Medal and now it's up for an Indies Choice Book Award. Ingrid has some lovely things to say on her blog about independent bookstores and about Boulder Book Store.

Thanks, Ingrid! We're delighted to be a part of your book story!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Staff Recommendation: The Pillars of the Earth

The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

As a historical fiction lover, I was a little skeptical of this book, as Follett had only written bestselling mysteries before this epic novel. But I soon found that this book is not only well researched, but also totally absorbing. Follett creates a fascinating cast of characters whose stories combine to give a total picture of life in Medieval England. Interesting and almost impossible to put down.

Reviewed by: Cesa

Staff Recommendation: Picking Cotton

Picking Cotton by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino, Ronald Cotton & Erin Torneo

Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption is the story of one woman who picked the wrong man out of a line up, how that man fought for 11 years from behind bars to exonerate himself, and how each found both healing and forgiveness in the other. This is an important book for those who are interested in issues of justice, forgiveness, and healing.

Reviewed by: Corinne

Staff Recommendation: Light On Yoga

Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar

Iyengar is a dedicated yogi and his book delineates the subtleties of hundreds of different asanas, from the beginners postures to the ludicrously difficult advanced postures. If you attend yoga class than this book will be an in-depth aide; if you are a curious wannabe yogi than Iyengar's description of the asanas will be invaluable assets to the establishment of your routine.

Reviewed by: Odysseus

Be A Hero in Your Own Life

Stressed out? Discouraged? Overwhelmed? What if your life was filled with peace instead of anxiety? DR. JUDITH ORLOFF, bestselling author of Positive Energy and Guide to Intuitive Healing, presents new solutions for dealing with emotions in our hyper-tense world. Synthesizing neuroscience, intuitive medicine, and psychological and energy techniques, Dr. Orloff maps the relationships between our minds, our bodies, and our environments. In her new book Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life, Orloff illustrates easy-to-follow action steps that can help you cope with emotional stress and lead you to master the negativity that pervades daily life. Imagine being completely relaxed no matter what negative external phenomena surround you, be it an angry supervisor, tired spouse, or upset child. Picture yourself in line at the bank, the grocery store, or stuck in traffic—utterly calm. The time for positive change is now!

Praise for Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life:

"A must-read for anyone who's tired of feeling frustrated, lonely, jealous, or emotionally tense. Dr. Orloff shows you how to achieve a lightness of being and feel more positive and peaceful. Highly recommended." Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul

Dr. Judith Orloff has spoken at medical schools, hospitals, universities, the American Psychiatric Association, Fortune Magazine's Most Powerful Women Summit, and alternative and traditional health forums. Dr. Orloff is currently an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at UCLA. Her previous work, Positive Energy, is a national and Los Angeles Times bestseller and has been translated into 24 languages.

Dr. Judith Orloff will speak and sign Emotional Freedom (Harmony Books, $24.95) on Tuesday, March 31 at 7:30pm at Boulder Book Store, 1107 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO.