Friday, October 2, 2009

Looking for a place to shop this weekend?

Jillian's Joints is a new weekly column devoted to highlighting some of the great shops and restaurants on Boulder's beautiful Pearl Street Mall. Jillian is a CU student and is interning with Boulder Book Store's Marketing Department this fall.

Jillian's Joints: Week One: Common Era, 1500 Pearl Street

After living in Boulder for two years now, I have found that my knowledge of Boulder and its infamous Pearl Street has grown incredibly vast. I’m always on the lookout for new shops or restaurants as well as rediscovering some of the businesses that have been here for a while.

The store I’m currently crazy about is one that I’ve been familiar with for some time now, but I’ve just reignited the flame for this old love. Common Era, located on 1500 Pearl Street, is known for selling contemporary clothes, shoes and accessories and for carrying some of the cutest and most fashion forward trends. They also do their own sewing work, updating old styles and giving them a new life. With their remodel in May, Common Era is revamped and even has a cool blog that keeps fans in the know with events, fashion trends and more. To check them out online, go to

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