Monday, October 5, 2009

Dining at Salt Bistro, the Restaurant Next Door

Jillian's Joints: Week Two: Salt Bistro, 1047 Pearl Street

This week, I decided to write about a brand new restaurant that has opened up right across the street from the Boulder Book Store. Many locals are familiar with Tom’s Tavern, a restaurant that thrived in Boulder for years and had one of the best burgers in town. However, the restaurant closed about a year ago, and Salt has recently taken over its location. A contemporary and delightfully simple bistro, Salt uses organic and local farmers to bring you the best of what’s around. Every dish on their menu references which farm it came from, which is quite thoughtful as it allows customers to know exactly where their meal is coming from, and it recognizes the farms, giving them due credit.

Since Tom’s Taverns was famous for their delicious burgers, I thought it only fair that I try Salt’s version. Their grassfed burger from Lasater Ranch was a generous size, came with delicious fries, and simply put, was scrumptious. They are most certainly a contender for one of the best burgers in town. Furthermore, the service was very friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable. Surrounding tables seemed to devour their meals just as quickly as I did.
Overall, I believe Salt will be one of the most popular restaurants on Pearl Street. With an unbeatable combination of great food, friendly staff, and decent range of prices, this restaurant can hold their own as well as any other restaurant in Boulder. If your curiosity gets the best of you, check out their website at, or try it for yourself. They are located at 1047 Pearl Street, Boulder CO 80310.

Jillian's Joints is a new weekly column devoted to highlighting some of the great shops and restaurants on Boulder's beautiful Pearl Street Mall. Jillian is a CU student and is interning with Boulder Book Store's Marketing Department this fall.

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