Monday, June 17, 2013

Book vs. Movie: Warm Bodies

And Book vs. Movie is BACK! *eep of excitement!*

So, last week I finally saw the movie Warm Bodies after reading the book back in January. And here are my thoughts from my brain that has yet to be eaten by a corpse.


Major Differences: (thanks to this blog for help with the list!)

  • M and Nora don't have a hopeful potential romance like in the book.
  • The movie's human city didn't take place in a sports stadium
  • They left out R's family in the movie version (which I was thankful for)
  • The loss of Julie's mother isn't as prominent
  • M became a comic relief character (which I did not mind)
  • In the movie, the last human R kills is Perry
  • While it ends on a similar note, the ending of the movie becomes only loosely based on the book's ending
Me Being Stupid: Do you ever not notice something about a book/movie but when someone points it out, it's like "Why didn't I see this before?" For me and this movie, it's the fact that Warm Bodies is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet. I don't know how I didn't see it before and I've been mentally kicking myself. There's R (Romeo), Julie (Juliet), M (Mercutio), Perry (Paris), and Nora (Nurse). It's obvious. 

Which Do I Pick?: I think I liked the movie more, because I had a tough time getting into a zombie book but I liked the whole zombie flick. But the book was still good, well-written and funny. I just prefer the movie. 

Tell me what you guys thought down in the comments!

Have a great day!

P.S. Nicholas Hoult is very attractive. That is all.

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