Friday, July 2, 2010


The Phantom of the Opera has been a beloved, twisted tale since its publication a century ago, but why should the lives of Erik the Phantom, and Christine halt on the final page? Readers have wondered how the story would be different had Christine stayed with the Phantom instead of departing with the Viscount de Chagny, and now they can find out as local author Kae D. Jacobs writes an alternative fate for the celebrated characters. While the renowned Opera Ghost is presumed dead at the end of Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera, Jacobs has found a way to revive the character by avoiding the finality of death. Picking up where Leroux left off, Beyond the Masque begins with the famous Phantom planning to end his life over the loss of Christine DaeƩ. Before his suicide can be achieved, Christine experiences a change of heart and returns to Erik soon after, leaving Raoul the Viscount. However, happily ever after doesn't come without trial and patience, and as Erik drifts down from Phantom to human, Christine battles with forgiveness and grace; Jacobs takes pride in the reality of her romance novel, saying that the goal for continuing Erik and Christine's tale was to make it "real life and believable", which she most certainly achieves. "I wanted this book to be believable on a level that people who are going through relationships can attach to it, not that it's so far above them," Jacobs elaborates. Women of all ages will be able to relate to Beyond the Masque as Jacobs confronts issues such as relationship conflicts, problems arising in marriage, self-acceptance, doubt versus trust, grace, and much more.

Taking advantage of the small door left open by Leroux, Jacobs bravely pushes through, re-entering the story of obsession, music, and love while adding unsuspecting twists to story, all written with the flavor of 19th century-style prose. Fans of Leroux's story and Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical adaptation will fall in love with the Phantom all over again, becoming reacquainted with the disturbed genius in a new way.

This is Kae D. Jacobs' first novel, originally self-published and then later signed over to Granite Publishing & Distribution. Beyond the Masque is but a prelude to a trilogy, labeled Bonds of Children.

To check out fun facts about Kae D. Jacobs and discover how Beyond the Masque came into being, visit the author's website at:

Kae D. Jacobs will be speaking and signing copies of Beyond the Masque (Granite Publishing & Distribution, $24.95) at the Local Authors Event, Wednesday, July 7 at 7:00pm, in the upstairs Ballroom of Boulder Book Store. Other participating authors include E Smith & Bettsee Gotwald (Evolutionary Guidebook), Irv Sternberg (writing as Mark Irving, The Persian Project), and B. Michael Fett (Beautiful Hardship: My Story).

See you soon at Boulder Book Store, 1107 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO.

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