Friday, February 12, 2010

Rave Reviews for Postcards From a Dead Girl

On Monday, February 22nd at 7:30pm, we'll be hosting Colorado author Kirk Farber for his debut novel, Postcards From a Dead Girl. Kirk's book has been getting some rave reviews and we just had to share them with you here.

“Kirk Farber has a style very similar to Chuck Palahniuk, with offbeat observations, a view of our world through a slightly distorted lens, and a tone that's quite fun and sometimes hilarious and tragic at the same time. I love the voice and irreverence and humor.” - Garth Stein, author of The Art of Racing in the Rain

“Dark. Funny. Bizarre. Mysterious. Fantastic. Kirk Farber's Postcards from a Dead Girl is a polished gem. Farber's uniquely quirky protagonist reflects our own personal obsessions, pinning us in limbo while simultaneously prodding us towards adventure.” - Josh Kilmer-Purcell, author of Candy Everybody Wants

says, “A witty, tormented hero surrounded by fascinating, compassionate supporting characters makes this slender debut a surprisingly compulsive read.”

Publishers Weekly
supplies the set up; “Sid Higgins, the appealing, self-deprecating narrator of Farber’s poignant, funny debut, has been receiving postcards from his old girlfriend Zoe. Unfortunately, the whimsical Zoe has disappeared, and the postmarks on the cards are more than a year old. Though he doesn’t really expect to find her, Sid travels to Europe in search of Zoe. … Sid plaintively and self-mockingly relates his interactions.”

And, last but not least, here's what our very own Stephanie W. has to say about it: "Twenty-something Sid is in the midst of a life crisis. He's failing at work, having conversations with his dead mother in a bottle of wine, and has started receiving exotic postcards from his dead girlfriend. He needs a change, and so, goes in search of the source of the postcards (all oddly postmarked for a year earlier). This is a quirky, funny, and quick read."

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