Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Merlin's Dragon: Doomraga's Revenge by T.A. Barron

Since the end of Merlin's Dragon, Basil and Merlin have become close friends, able to communicate telepathically with each other. They have teamed up to address the growing unrest in their beloved home of Avalon. Since Avalon was created in order that creatures could live together in peace, the mounting tensions are troubling both Merlin and Basil greatly. The fire dragons and dwarves have had several arguments, most of them resulting in violence and death, trolls have come out of their dormancy to terrorize villages, and even peaceful animals like the birds of Airroot have erupted in fighting with each other. Merlin and Basil finally decide that these incidents are not merely coincidental, but are somehow related.

Unbeknownst to them, an agent of Rhita Gawr is growing in power far away in the Haunted Marsh in Woodroot. He has now given himself a name: Doomraga, which means "darker than dark." Having been thwarted once by Basil, he is waiting and growing in the marsh until the day when he grows strong enough to seek his revenge on Basil and Dagda.

Meanwhile, Merlin and Basil continue to settle the problems that arise among their fellow inhabitants of Avalon. Merlin is facing more and more problems everyday, not only in the larger world, but also within his family. Merlin's troubles are further aggravated when his sister informs him of a terrible blight plaguing the realm of Woodroot, destroying all forms of life. He and Basil must bring an end to this blight of the forest realm and prevent Doomraga from succeeding in his evil quest.

This installation of the Merlin's Dragon series offers adventure, thrills, incredible tension, new friends and old friends, and an overarching battle of good versus evil. Basil's incredible transformation from a small, lizard-like creature to the most powerful dragon in Avalon has not affected his enormous heart or his humility. He faces both the challenge of keeping the peace of his beloved world and the challenge of helping his friend Merlin to cure the blight of Woodroot. Can Basil live up to his size in bravery? Can he save his home realm of Woodroot? Can he prevent Avalon from slipping into chaos and evil?

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Reviewed by: Jackie Ariniello


  1. I loved merlan;s dragon but cant find doomraga's reveng

    plz hlp

  2. We've got plenty of copies in stock. Give us a call at (303)447-2074 and we can hold it aside for you or ship it to you.