Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boulder Book Store Launches BBS TV

We've got a blog, a Twitter, a Facebook, and it's about time we have a YouTube Channel! You can now subscribe to BBS TV for a virtual store tour, personal book recommendations, and more to come.

While the bosses were out on vacation, I, the intern, played…with a video camera. For one whole week I had full access to tiptoe around the store and be a creeper in the name of marketing. Now, as I am not a professional director or filmmaker, the experience was pure delight. There I am, walking down the hallway to the kid's section when a child and mother skip right in front of me and head exactly down-line of where I was filming. I'm a little embarrassed to tell you how thrilled I was. The store tour features shots of all three of our ink-filled floors for those unlucky viewers who have yet to visit our store.

Our channel also includes our "TalkBooks!" series featuring our very own Head Buyer, Arsen, and Children's Book Buyer, Liesl. The short filming process for these videos was a rather interesting study of the power of YouTube. Here I had with me two people who I watched for the last several months answer phones with gusto, run up and down one-too-many flights of stairs with arms full of books, and be general office studs. Now that they were put face-to-lens with the prospect of being on YouTube, they turned into wiggling, excited, noodles of nerves.

Now that you know a bit about how our videos were created, I invite you to see for yourself the coolness that is our brand new YouTube Channel at Enjoy!

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