Thursday, October 25, 2007

Out of the Book Film Showing at Boulder Book Store


As our society rockets toward the future, we are increasingly consuming information through ever more complex technology. As a result, publishers, authors and booksellers are constantly searching for new ways to engage the reader. Enter Out Of The Book™ Productions, an endeavor in which our good friends at Powell's Books have introduced a groundbreaking series of compelling short films about authors. Coupled with interactive events and spirited discussion at your local independent bookstore, Out of the Book delivers engaging and expansive portraits of writers and their work.

On November, 13, 2007 at 7:30pm Boulder Book Store will premier The Coldest Winter, a film featuring the late David Halberstam, as the second installment in the Out of The Book™ film series. The Baltimore Sun raves, "The Coldest Winter is easily the best popular history of the Korean War. Halberstam is a whale of a storyteller." Joan Didion, Neil Sheehan, Bob Woodward, Anna Quindlen, and a host of other voices will share the screen with veterans of the Korean War in a tribute to one of America's most distinguished journalists and historians. For more information on this project, visit

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